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Good aquascape aquarium designs not only emphasize on aesthetically part, but also look at its functional part. For those who occupying with fish tank hobby, decorating the aquarium interior can be the most interesting activity. However, before start decorating, you must conduct research carefully.

First of all, before think about aquascape aquarium ideas, you must do preliminary research. What kind of fish do you like to maintain? There are Goldfish, zebra danio, angelfish, betta, etc. There are different types of fish based on their water habitat: freshwater and saltwater pet fish. Each fish has different characteristic too, so you must know about it well even before buy an aquarium.

For instance, surgeon fish enjoys swimming a lot so it will need wide aquarium. And dottyback fish is a shy type that needs places to hide on aquarium. Another component that needs to be researched is coral. Some coral types need more lighting than others. Decide which colors that you prefer, then don’t forget to prepare specific places that can accommodate its lighting needs. You can build different height of rocks for different corals lighting need.

Surely you can decorate your aquarium depends on your taste preference, but you must remember that in the future you have to clean it. So, you have to arrange it as easy as possible to be cleaned. For instance, don’t put two mountains of rocks too close by as you will be hard to clean the space between. Also, choose type of fake plants that easy to be cleaned.
As it’s mentioned above, different types of water also makes difference. For saltwater aquarium, it will look best if adorned by natural ornaments. You can put live rocks and corals onto it.

However, these live creatures need more attention than the dead ones. For example, live corals required specific lighting and food. And live rocks must be handed gently because it’s more vulnerable to get hurt. Also, the price of live corals and rocks is quite expensive. Freshwater aquarium will look more suitable with dead ornaments such as wood, rock, and fake plants. These decorations indeed make aquarium less alive, but you can add some live plants to make reef aquascape aquarium designs lively.

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