Natural Cobblestone Backsplash for the Medieval-Like Kitchen

Picture Of Enchanting Unfinished Yet Bright Cobblestone Backsplash Remodels Kitchen Backsplash In Progress Detail Close Up

Some of you maybe desire to revive a medieval age architecture right into your house. You can start from your kitchen. If you cannot paint all over your kitchen with the stone tiles, you can just remodel the backsplash into the medieval theme. One of the medieval themes is the cobblestone backsplash. This cobblestone tiles is mosaic like that likely easy to be found in the Italian pavement. Enlighten your house with the cobblestone can change the look of your kitchen into the kitchen of the French castle.

Cobblestone is one type of sedimentary rock that rich in grain and color. This rock usually comes in the shape of pebble, cobble, or very coarse sand grain with more than one centimeter length and wide. The angular cobblestone is the best design of backsplash tile because of its flat side and thin side in the other. If you want to collect this stone by yourself, you can go to the uphill river and don’t search in the river downhill because the rock will be more rounded. The rounded rock is best-suited for the fireplace box material, not for the backsplash.

To support the cobblestone backsplash and its medieval environment, you must design the lighting as well. The most common in medieval interior design is the sconce light. Instead of using the metallic sconce, you can go with the glass sconce if you want to add more modern value to it. Use the Jewish candle or candelabra to make one hundred percent of medieval style, so you got the masonry climate right into your kitchen. The last is you can place the chandelier if you are rich enough. Don’t forget to decorate your kitchen bulkhead, offsite, with the metal accessories to make it more medieval.

The furniture that you must use to support the cobblestone kitchen backsplash is the granite countertop. Use the same material for kitchen island, and make your ceiling go high in the shape of beam. It is the best accompanied with the rustic fireplace with some logs beside it. The flooring is also rock pathway so you need a slipper to walk in, and the cabinet is wooden made material. You can add some luxurious appliance in the stainless steel like refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher to make a fusion of medieval and modern atmosphere.

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