Lovely Trap Door Wine Cellar

Astonishing Original Wine Cellar With Rectangular Glass Trap Door

Create more advanced home details with trap door wine cellar. Even though you are not a wine collector, it is possible to build a wine cellar just to store some bottles of wine. A wine should be store in cool underground room to get exact temperature, about 8-15O Celsius. Otherwise, it will not taste good. A trap door design will make you more flexibility to enter wine cellar.

You can hide the wine cellar beneath kitchen or living room with trap door wine cellar design. If being set in living room, it can help you do “magical show” to add fun section during a party, you can suddenly lost and come up from the hidden trap door with good quality wines. Plus, you do not have to do house expansion to build wine cellar, just dig in and it is done. The only way to access is through that trap door.

After open the trap door, people must follow spiral stairs to reach the wine spiral storage. This spiral cellar design will prevent the air become stink, which will affect wine quality.

Spiral cellar is a well-known design for wine cellar. Although people can use refrigerator to store wine, but the natural earth temperature will do best. Spiral cellar design also can store more quantity than usual refrigerator. Moreover, it supports the Go Green spirit because it is less need electricity energy. Compare it with refrigerator that spends a lot of electricity energy. Imagine much money that you can save.

The cellar’s trap door also can be fascinating additional interior design. Highly suggested before building trap door on the room, you should use parquetted or wood material for flooring. It will hide the trap door that created with same material as the floor. People must look carefully to find a hand grip on the floor to open the trap door. However, be careful to close the trap door neatly so children will not fall into the cellar. Of course, before decide to make one, learn more about how to make a trap door wine cellar just so you will know about its safety and regular maintenance.

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