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Modern Stylish Wooden Wall Mounted Console Table By Calligaris

Nowadays many people build small home which is really limited on the space including floor, furniture and ornament. Instead of limited space, you should think more about how to set your furniture around your small home. It is better idea to know about Extendable Console Table for yours. Why? Because you actually have your console table but still need to extend it for putting some stuffs like photo frame, porcelain furniture and others. Even you are also able to extend your dining table since it is used for many tables at home.

You have to know about Console Table Material usually used before extending it. First you can choose wood material since much people use it. Some of wood you can select are oak wood and pine wood. Commonly the wood console table is set with 4 legs but it is available for 4 – 6 persons. Rectangle table, oval table or circle table are common model that is quite popular. If you need different design, you can make console table with 2 legs forming X. This is when you consider about trestle base or table legs. Wooden table is much better for natural color while it also show natural pattern of wood.

If you have more budget you can choose another material which is acrylic. Here you can explore your creativity. Acrylic console table has actually more durability compared to wooden table. You can combine the color from acrylic table such as white legs table and black board table. Even you can coat it with metal frame and extend your table to make it beautiful look. Acrylic will spend much money but you can make your best console table.

We recommend you to look at table equipment, after you complete designing the table. You can place beside the wall and put your cabinet next to table. This is going to make great decoration because your cabinet is used for an additional ornament. Make sure that any equipment you set is suitable and matched in color. As long as you are able to select the best material, design the equipment and enjoy your lovely console table. Now is your turn to make your extendable console table.

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