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When you are searching some creative headboards inspiration, there are a lot of good references. Just name a style that you want and you will find excellent recommendation. Some furniture designers made amazing creative designs that used unexpected materials. For instance, old windows, old doors, or even unused fence panels. However, if you are looking for some creative things beside up-cycled headboards, there are also many options. You can adjust your new headboard plans with your current monetary situations. However, don’t be worry because cheaper prices headboards materials can create luxury looks headboards too.

Great creative headboards ideas is coming from Adeeni Design Group. They’ve made ethnic headboard style that so adorable called Indian Rosewood Head Board. They installed four hand-carved wood screens made from rosewood. This panel is suitable for big size bed. This traditional touch makes the whole room looks cozy and warm. The surprise fact is that stunning hand-carved woods were bought from local flea market. You may take a walk to nearby flea market to get headboard style inspirations.

Another awesome flea market-purchased idea is made by Funky Junk Interiors. They named their headboard invention as Trash to Treasure, because it mostly made from “trash”. It is likely that they save some unused household items from trash bin then made it into something fabulous. The headboard is solid combinations of vintage garden gate and an old door. Of course they clean and paint this items first before installed to the bed. The results is a shabby headboards that has unique elegance. Really an exact choice for you who fond of old-English kind of things.

Metals can also be impressive headboard materials. Just like what Kara Palsay did, a Industrial Chic headboards that made from metal roofing matters. She cut an corrugated tin to be an enormous shape then simply put it above the bed. If you are interested in this idea, make sure to use anti-rusty tin for more glamorous looks. This stylish metal headboard can be made with only small amounts, just about $30. Hopefully, you will get your desirable creative headboards designs from all of that great examples.

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