Innovative Expandable Console Table for Display as well as Eating

Awesome Brandon Expandable Console Table In Antique Walnut By Winsome Wood Open Prop

Console table can serve as decorative feature and as a place to display and store something. It is useful for you as a display of beautiful vase, familiarity photo frame, or chine plate. You can also put a telephone with notes and pen. A console table is placed against the wall and its use is limited. But an expandable console table is taking the world of console table into new level. It is not only used as a normal console table for display, but once it is expanded you can use it as a meeting table, dining table, and working table.

What do you know about a expandable table? It looks like a small console table, but actually it can be classified as a versatile table. It is equipped with a rail on the table top so you can extend the table. The rail is made from metal and has a unique mechanism. The mechanism will support the entire table when it is expanded. The table is also equipped with additional tabletop board to cover the rail extension. You might wonder how big the small table will be when extended. A console table with 100cm x 43cm which only fit for console can be made into 100cm x 293cm meeting table for 10 person.

For a start, there is Inside model from Italian table producer, Ozzio Design. It has sleek design with all white color. The design itself is minimalist and perfect for any kind modern style room. It is made from wood and the mechanism is made from aluminum for durability. The back is equipped with the three pieces of tabletop extension. The table can be extended from 47cm length of a console table to maximum 239cm desk. It also has swiveling sliding feet to support the table when you expand the table.

For your next choice, the table is so unique that its eighteen pieces folded together into one small corner console table. As Sigrid Stromgren and Sanna Lindstrom collaborative project, the table can be expanded into round table fit for four to six people. The table itself has white color. The smaller mode can be used as a display for small vase or decorative lamp and you can use the expanded mode as a dining table. We can rename this kind of table as expandable console dining table for your liking.

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