Hilarious IKEA Bathroom Vanity Units and its Various Types

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Often have a chaotic segment in your morning activity in your daily basis? Even finding your toothbrush and toothpaste can be very challenging in your mess bathroom. Now it is your time to have the IKEA bathroom vanity units. This appliance will help you to reduce your catastrophic morning tragedy. Searching through the IKEA online stores will help you finding the exact and prefect vanity that you want since IKEA is the biggest interior store we know exist in the world.

The main aspect in having bathroom vanities is as the stores to the bathroom appliances like toothpaste and brush. Besides that, it also used for the aesthetic look. There are simple white colored vanity, wooden vanity, black vanity, marble top vanity with drawer, and many others. You can use the double sink vanity with four drawers, but of course the price will be as high as the function.

The other types of the bathroom vanity are the shelves style. It is not placed under the sink, but hanged beside the bathroom mirror to create the dynamic feels. If we go further, we can find the sink shelf. This shelf is used like the cabinet, but it is not hanged, and after the entire most important thing here is the floating sink. We think this kind of appliance slightly worse than the regular vanity before, because the regular bathroom vanity is embedded and integrated between the vanity and the sink side.

The color choice is as wide as it could be. You must pick your IKEA bathroom vanities and sinks based on your personal taste and personality. Don’t force yourself to pick red if you don’t ever like red color. The cheaper bathroom vanity is the trolley type vanity. It is small but has a wheel on the bottom side, so it can be dragged along the direction you want it to be.

The most expensive bathroom vanity of all is the interconnected vanity sink and bathroom tube. This connected thing can be very luxurious and hilarious design if you own it, but don’t have a much ambition on it or you will regret it later.

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