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Volker Mobil Company has launched their latest luxurious volkner motorhome for their ultra-rich consumers. This super vehicle comes with most wonderful facilities you can imagine. Even wondering about a RV that completed with modern entertainment system, modern kitchen, and moreover, wide garage that specially designed to store a car? Yes, you can have it all in just a RV.

The small garage inside is one of most interesting features in this RV. It’s hidden on the side of the RV, with a panel door that easy to be operated. Sometimes when driving RV for a long journey, you need to go to the city for some business. For instance, you need to buy supplies or meet an acquaintance. The very big body of RV indeed makes it less flexible to drive along city street. But this volkner mobil performance rv, makes possibility to drive it for a long journey, then park it in a parking lot, then take the car in garage outside, and you can ride car freely in the city.

The exterior appearance of this RV has made enough statement about luxury. The body covered with luminous silver color all over its rectangular body. The interior designs are as hilarious as the exterior design. On the driving area, elegant white became the main theme. A very comfortable white driving seat will make wonderful driving experience that you never knew before. White matching steer and dashboard make the whole front driving area looks clean and clear.

In the middle of the RV, there is an extravagant kitchen that will make your cooking experience feels like home cooking, even better. The kitchen surrounded by delight brown wooden material as the main themes. Although have traditional atmosphere, it has modern kitchen system. For instance: modern stove, an oven, and stainless steel washing sink. Then, if you want to refresh your body after take a long journey, the bathroom surely will satisfy your need. Like the kitchen, the bathroom does not only have modern touch but also splendor design. A modern toilet and great shower install are facilities that you will get.

After take a bath, sure you need some good sleep to restore energy. Fancy bedroom on this Rv will help you get good quality sleep. With all of that gorgeous facilities, how much is this volkner mobil performance recreational vehicles? It costs $ 1, 2 million to bring this RV home. Such a fair price to get an amazing RV with wonderful facilities, don’t you think? Sure it will give amazing journey experience.

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