Extravagant Penthouse in Seattle

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People in real estate industry must know about expensive yet delight penthouse in Seattle. The popularity of the penthouses are inspirations for some writers to set their story in this place, such as infamous Fifty Shades of Grey novel. These penthouses can be right choices for property investment because the prices are getting higher by the day. Great views of blue sky, fancy city, white snowy mountain, and deep blue lake are the main attraction.

The penthouses have artistic interior design. Instead of ordinary walls, luxury penthouse in Seattle has glass wall which makes its inhabitant can see incredible blue sky view. Every corners are arranged carefully to support bliss living. Marble or wood material was chosen for luminous floor, and the lighting use recessed light system. Less partition using makes the whole penthouse looks wide and homey, for instance, a living room, dining room, and kitchen in just one room.

Surely, integrating room will support your social life. There’s no more worry about broad room spaces for party occasion. A weekend party with good friends is possible to be held.

Living room looks pleasant with comfy dark brown sofa. Pretty oranges and white pillow energize the room. Moreover, suitable table will make it cozier. A wooden table with a sheet of glass on top of it reflects lights from the glass window. You can just sit there and stare at the outside view to release daily stress. Of course, a dainty penthouse needs wonderful kitchen design that combined both modernity and style, for instance, white-silver kitchen sink that set in the corner.

It is mostly in elegant white, except for electronic devices such as silver oven and two doors refrigerator. Also, it has a minibar to serve guests. The kitchen in this penthouse also integrates with first class-restaurant-looks-alike-dining room. You can serve fresh meals from the kitchen directly to the dining room.

The penthouses have variety price range. Usually it is offered from $450,000 and the highest price is about $6,599,00. Definitely, the most expensive prices come with greater facilities and designs. So, penthouse in downtown Seattle can be an ideal home that you’ve been searching for.

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