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Natural Living In Villa Escudero Philippines

Interested in visiting Philippines soon? Have you search through all of the Philippines and make some itineraries of where you should visit, and more importantly, where you stay? Close to the coconut plantation on a San Pablo City, Quezon Provence, you can find Villa Escudero Philippines. Located close to the lagoon and covered with the coconut plantation make this villa resort feels so natural and exotic. You just need about two hours ride through the stunning countryside that is very colonial and rustic and sometimes bring you back to the 1800s when the colonial ruled this location.

The architecture design of this villa is very rustic and ethnic. Moreover, the using of the tassel on its roof instead of the patio or roof tiles make the atmosphere is more exotic than ever. The entrance gate is painted in light pink color that is so Philippines. The interior design of the villa is use wood and bamboo as its main ingredients. Wooden bed, wooden floor, wooden long chair, also a woven bamboo has been made for its wall. That’s so rural and scenic! If we do the villa escudero tour, maybe we can find more intriguing phenomenon. The room rates are slightly cheap ranged from $90 for the standard unit until $200 for the luxurious stuff.

So many attractions you can find here. The most amazing thing is the waterfall restaurant. Do ever have an idea of combing those two different aspects? This combo actually gives a very amazing experience to the visitor. They can feel the breeze of waterfall sound when the water reaches the ground in some height supported by the gravity. Whilst it, they can also enjoy their meals in the safe distance from the waterfall. The dining table is stiff rectangular and accompanied by a long chair so it can load some people sit in together and make a warm conversation. The bamboo raft is another attraction that this villa can offer. Surrounding by the tidal inlet and the river, bamboo rafts at some point can challenge you in enjoying the water activity. This is best-suited if you love water.

Philippine singing and dancing shows are being introduced as well to popularize and emphasize the Philippine culture. The dance and singing is the assimilation to the Spanish culture as a product of its colonial history. You can enjoy the rural village sightseeing and feel the sensation of being pulled by the buffalo. The other main attraction is the church like building tends to be the villa escudero museum. This museum has a collection of a church ruin of the colonial church era. This is the treasure of the San Pablo citizen. This museum is very basilica in pillar, and often remembered you to the church in Europe.

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Villa Escudero Best Natural Heritage Vacation Destination

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