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Every part of your house can be used if you know the trick, including your under stair. An under stair area is somewhat neglected and often people left it empty. Even if they use it, people just put the things on that place without any will organize it. Your under stair is a great place to store your things. Start thinking about how you manage the storage. You need a good storage to organize things. Under stair storage IKEA made is great choice for you.

The under stair has unique contour. The slanted dimension of the under stair will pose a challenge for you to put a good storage which fit the under stair. You can start from IKEA under stair storage unit called Algot wall shelves. The shelf can be fixed on a wall with the help of drill and screwdriver. It is highly customize-able with the other part on the same storage series to buid any kind of shelving you want.

The shelving is unique and it can be fitted in place with slanted ceiling. The build of Algot wall shelves is light and easy to assemble. The shelf is made from particleboard and the wall upright and the bracket is made from steel with powdered polyester coat. Be careful when installing it. You have to consider the material of your wall. Plaster wall won’t be able to support as much weight as concrete or brick wall when you install the Algot wall shelf.

Custom build your under stair storage with the Ekby Alex wall shelves from IKEA. The wall shelves is pretty big at around 119 cm both width and the length. It can withstand 20 kg when installed on the concrete wall. One feature which is special to this wall shelves is that each shelf featured with two drawers to add more storage. The shelf is colored white. It is made from particleboard and the back panel made from fiberboard. You can add suitable fixing devices for your wall.

You can combine with the other shelves to make a unique formations of under stair wall shelves.
Under stairs storage units is what you need to help you use every part of the under stair. IKEA can provide you with more freedom because it is a highly customize-able products. Try different combinations of product to make the best under stair storage ever.

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