Beautiful Tween Girl Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Your Lovely Daughter

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A ten years old daughter is at peak of her playful phase, Support her by creating tween girl bedroom decorating ideas. Your daughter might become a little bit too active, but don’t worry because it is good for her. Their relentlessness energy to play is essential to help her development. A room with appealing visual and beautiful combination of colors will surely reflect your daughter positive energy. The young princess needs her own royal room, right? Play with her imagination to create her dream room.

Redecorating your daughter’s room should start from the wall. There are various color you can choose. From bright to calmer colors, everything is available for you. Forget about the usual color association for a girl. You are wrong if pink is the best color for your daughter. For a tween girl, you are not supposed to use darker color for the paint job. Soft grey is acceptable if the other element on the room has matching color.

Use wallpaper with unique patterns to give artistic feeling to the room. You can stick wall decal on the wall to give accents. Try different color between the wall and the ceiling to contrast the color. You must not forget about the flooring. The floor also will add color tone to the room. You can put carpet to cover the floor or pick matching area rug for the room’s focal point. Imagine some mix and match of colors. Cool room decorating ideas is not that far away, right?

To ignite your imagination, we suggest you a calming ocean blue as the color of the wall then plaster wallpaper with unique pattern on a wall to give the room some imaginative elements. The ceiling uses white to not over color the room. Dark stained wooden flooring is used as a bold color to balance the calming color of oceanic blue and white ceiling. Use a 2×3 meter white area rug to cover the center of the room.

You can think about the long term usage of the room. Your daughter might stay on the room for five to six years in the future. Think about the cabinets, bed, shelving, and many more. Even though teenage room decorating ideas is not that hard to conceive, you don’t want to buy things all over again, especially the furniture. Choose a hard and durable cabinet. teenage room decorating ideas change. Try this. A modern style six drawer cabinet to store her clothes and stuffs can also be used as display for the cabinet lamp and her favorite photograph. A simple console table with bottom shelving is great furniture for your daughter room as a place to grow her small plants if the table placed just side by side with the window. For the bedding, you can try rainbow colored covering. You can also easily match the bedding with the overall color of the room.

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