Beautiful Bookshelf Wall Divider for A Nice Room Parting

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A big bookshelf will do really good book storage. Big bookshelf can become a room divider. A bookshelf wall divider will serve you as a parting to make your special room. If you have a really big room but there is no parting, you can pick a big bookshelf to serve both as storage for your book collections and parting your big room as well. Not only to store books, you can also use the bookshelf as place to display you china and vase.

Bookshelf room divider can be so big so you can completely part your room from side to side. Rightly chosen bookshelf not only becoming a book storage, parting, but become decorative as well. You can even bring the nerdy library feeling to your room by picking the bookshelf. Before you choose your bookshelf, consider the size of your room you want to put the bookshelf later.

Which part of the room you will place the bookshelf and how big the parting you need will be the basic question when choosing the right bookshelf. It is okay to place the bookshelf in the middle of the room because it can still speak as parting as well the focal point of a room. Mind also the height of the bookshelf. Do you want to expose the ceiling or not?

After you take measurement out of your room and set the size right, then you should think about the style of bookshelf. There are solid bookshelf with one side covered or you could pick the see through bookshelf without cover on sides. The pros when you choose a see through is that you can pick the books and watch the display from both sides.

It will let light to go pass the bookshelf so it helps with the total room lighting on the daylight. The cons is that you can’t really feel private because people on the other sides can see you through the bookshelf.

Bookshelf room divider IKEA made is good for you choosing because it is customize-able and come in variations of colors. For your choosing, we recommend IKEA Expedite book case unit made from particleboard. It comes with unique pattern on the sides and will become a nice parting between your living room and the kitchen. It is a see through shelving so you could also display your china and enjoy it from both sides.

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