Aesthetic Bamboo Fencing Ideas for Yard Parting and Decor

Beautiful Bamboo Plants As A Fence Ideas

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plant which makes it ideal for mass production without giving much harm to environment. That also makes the price of bamboo made material is cheap. The durability of bamboo without question is good and already used since long time in China. Furthermore, bambo is relatively easy to shape and already good in its own shape. Your bamboo fencing ideas will be great addition for your backyard. Cheap, durable, and look great.

Know the model of bamboo fence design first. There are at least four bamboo basic design you should know. First is cut cane bamboo fencing. It is split of bamboo wired together and then rolled. It is light and easy to set. Unroll it to set the fence and don’t forget to attach it into posts so it can stand. The cut cane is more of decorative, rather than a fence. Then, there is whole bamboo fence. Bamboo stick is thicker than cut cane so it is more durable.

It uses water resistant bamboo twigs and woven with wire to hold the bamboo together. Bamboo panel is set of bamboos solidly bonded together to make a panel. It will make solid fencing to your yard. Or you can make a conventional bamboo fences. Conventional bamboo fences is all about aesthetic because it has wide space and won’t give you privacy.

You know your basic design, let’s start fixing some bamboo fence. Have you ever considering Japanese style garden? Japanese style garden goes perfect with the bamboo fence. Put a cut cane bamboo fencing to part the inner garden because the fence isn’t good enough to give some privacy.

For your outer backyard, pick thicker bamboo fence as parting between your yard and you neighbors. You can always color the bamboo, but a naturally colored bamboo is the one you should be looking for. Try to build Japanese style fence with big oriental style door using bamboo panel. It will certainly give you privacy and look beautiful both from the inside and outside.

A simple traditionally arranged bamboo will become addition to your koi pond.
Bamboo stick fence is really good for your garden and yard. Mind the sturdiness and the privacy element when installing it. But if you want it as aesthetically placing decoration, you can make the cut to the bamboo by yourself. You can always DIY your bamboo fencing project to make the best look from your yard.

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