Alluring Spiral Staircase with Slide for Stylish Modern Interior

Various Metal And Wood Spiral Staircase Design Options As Indoor Space Saving Stairs Design Ideas

When you’re getting tired of going down the staircase regularly, you can start to think about spiral staircase with slide. The spiral staircase design is a modest one, and a slide beside it will add more classy style. Absolutely, it will give an adventurous experience for every single day. As for your children, they will love this playground at home idea. So, basically you will get slide play stall with dual significant function in your home. If you are in hurry, taking slide to go downstairs make your movement become faster.

You can do research on any spiral staircase with slide design choices. The staircases can be made from various delight materials such as wood, stainless steel, glass, stone, etc. It is better to choose materials that will be easier to maintain in the future. One of material that being used often is wood. Wood is easy to be shaped to many assorted forms, and also easy to be cleaned. Its surface is gentle but strong. If you want to use wood material, don’t forget to varnish it first. Varnished woods are stronger and last longer.

Dazzling wood spiral staircase makes elegant looks on the home. You can make the slide as the main focus as the size is bigger than the beside spiral staircases. Noticed small details like staircase banister can be an option. Moreover, create your preference room atmosphere with exact color. Dark brown will make the room warmer, whereas light cream will make the room lighter. Another fascinating spiral staircase is designed by SoHo Architecture. They make a trapdoor in the half staircase as entrance door to next stairs. You can modify this idea by creating a secret trapdoor that lead directly to slide.

Beside aesthetically style, you have to concern about its safety. Make sure the slide is not too slippery because it can harm you or your children. How sharp the spiral curve also must be an important decision. Otherwise, when you are go sliding in too slippery or too sharp slide curve, you can get backache. Certainly, for both efficiency and artistic reason, spiral staircase with attached slide will be good option.

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