Advantageous Kitchen Backsplash Alternative To Enliven Kitchen Interior

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Kitchen redecorating cost can be reduced with this kitchen backsplash alternative. For you who haven’t knew it yet, a backsplash is a small wall part behind countertop. This kitchen wall area is more vulnerably to be dirty because every day this specific area is contaminated by a splash of ketchup, smoke, or steam. Backsplash will protect the wall from that dirt. Usually, it made from ceramics or tile that being plastered to the wall. However, there are plenty other matter that can be used.

Some out of the box alternative materials for kitchen backsplash make difference to the kitchen. Griffin Enright Architecture use back-painted glass as alternative backsplash matter. Plain light sky blue color make the kitchen feels fresh and clear. Glass is a material that easy to clean just like a window. Just do the cleaning with a piece of wet cloth or cleaning liquid.

The kitchen hood is attached to this back-painted glass. Then, Turner Castle Associate have made stunning silver backsplash. It made from the most dazzling silver materials, stainless steel. The silver backsplash is beautiful match to silver stove and hood. This material idea is suitable for modern minimalist kitchen.

Country Living give an excellent sample of pressed-tin backsplash. Its silver much alike the stainless steel backsplash, but the pressed-tin backsplash has floating pattern. The result is impressive, a vintage kitchen with modern technology. However, you must be careful because pressed-tin can be burnt day by the day.

More natural style is offered by Plywood. They used laminated board to create an amazing backsplash. Laminating board covering is not only small spaces but also the whole wall space. Like the pressed-tin backsplash, this kind also easier to burnt.

Another cheaper option is by using plastic laminate. Beside the price is less expensive, it is also easier to be set. You can do it by yourself so you don’t have to hire third party to do it. In other words, you can save more money. The other benefit is this plastic laminates have various colors and pattern. If you get bored with current model, you can take it off and change it with new model. Exactly, this is a cheap kitchen backsplash alternative to beautify your kitchen.

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