Here you can find and spot many collections of Home Design Inspirations pictures / photos created by large number world`s talented architects and designers. We collect and place them here at papiermaine.com to influence you how to generate and handle inside of your residence place, how to create it pretty and cozy, and many more indeed.

Every site that is made with care expresses a point of view. The point of view underlying this site, the authors hope, is made explicit in the text. Our view is that home decoration is a creative activity. As such, it is guided by principles and aesthetics values common to all the creative arts. Furthermore, years of activity classroom and lecture experience has convinced one of the authors that practice not enlightened by a knowledge of principles is on the fringe of the trial and error method.

Trial and error is uneconomical of money, time and effort and, all to often, never transcends error. For this reason, the author have emphasized principles throughout the site, as well as their practical application.

The papiermaine.com,
Lucy Lee