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One of room inside the house that will look interesting with vintage or retro is kitchen room. 1940s kitchens in your room will look so colorful and nice with all the good choice of decorations, appliances, and furniture. In the modern era, many people are in race in making their house look modern including have the interior and exterior design in their house. But some of them also still like to have vintage theme for their house.

Applying the retro kitchen theme is like bring retro back to the future. It doesn’t look less beautiful than the modern theme kitchen. The unique specifications of retro kitchen are the key from the design. If you are one of those people who interested to have 1940s kitchens you can take a look at the 1940s kitchens décor first because you will change the whole look of your previous kitchen look. Many popular kitchen design elements of the 1940s can be found this day.

If you want to add another great visual look in your 1940s kitchen you can take a look at the hardware accessories. Pick glass, crystal or acrylic pulls and or knobs. You can also have vintage frame of hand towels or another piece of art for your kitchen. As for the furniture you can make your chairs and bar stools, chrome and enamel painted in bright colors. As for the kitchen appliances, usually for 1940s it’s typically enameled. White is popular color for ovens but there are other colors like blue, red and yellow that also popular.

Have a new look for your kitchen especially if you change the theme of your current kitchen into 1940s kitchen does not always mean that you have to buy the whole new kitchen appliances and furniture. You can do something to your kitchen to make it change into retro look. The furniture that has big affection in the kitchen is the cabinet. Cabinets dominate the kitchen.

You like your current kitchen cabinets; if you are deciding to remodel your kitchen then you just need to give new touch of 1940s kitchen cabinets with give it a new paint color, or you can just lay laminate, RTF with retro color on the surface of the cabinets. Beside that you can also change the pulls and knobs in the cabinet doors. For that you will have your cabinets completely change into 1940s theme. You can get your sources everywhere to help you remodel your kitchen look.

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